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First off I want to bring up that :iconlol-pretzel: have a point about the whole thing with the community and :icontamaniscookies:, that the only person that force themselves to self-harm or commit suicide is themselves and no one else, not even the ones that cause there mental breakdown, even though they do deserve to be called out for how they are treating others.

Now I'm not going to say that "suicide is no joke", because me and many others (no matter what community they are in) are still going to be making suicide and skull rapist jokes. But I will say that there is a time to not make those jokes, like what is going on right now for an example.

But what this journal is mainly about is this thing of "can't we all just get along, kinder and more accepting of others", now I'm not saying that some will agree to that mentality and try to be like that, I'm not saying there isn't any harm to it. But the way people put it sounded like they are actually saying all, like everyone in the community; however that is something that never going to happen, there are people who are ignorant, over react to shit like simple criticism of their stuff or what they like, and people are going to follow that, then be a huge hypocrite about it later.

If no one could get along during the days when Edictarts was around and someone sold there computer for bricklink parts, how the fuck do you expect this generation being any different.

And there the internet and Cyber-Bully that :iconlol-pretzel: also brought up in his journal;
  1. this is the fucking internet, if you expect there being rainbow and unicorn and everyone love each other, then you are mistaken sites like this, Youtube, Roblox and others, with sites like You should be expecting there being cunts, ass holes and pedophiles around here, not just people like the ones who are making these journal and the people in the comment of those journal about the whole thing that is going on.

  2. The stupid Cyber-Bully shit, NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO DO ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET, THE BLOCK BUTTON IS A FUCKING THING. If they are still fucking with you and keep saying "you're a nigger faggot jew that should lose weight you anorexic fuck", keep blocking them until they fuck off, plus words ARE FUCKING MEANINGLESS. I take it that no one here parents taught them "baseball bat and fist will break there bones, but don't go crying over words like name calling, they don't do jackshit"
    The real bully you should be talking and worried about is REAL BULLY, you know that shit that is mainly happening in school which is in REAL LIFE.

    Hell just watch this old ass video from 
    Warcorpse666 who made a damn good point about this stupid cyber-bully shit.

Anyways, I do still hope that :icontamaniscookies: recovers and, well, I don't expect anyone to see what I mean with my point of view of this event that is happening. 

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United States
Hey guys I am Riaso, I live in Kansas and I'm a MOCer and a Ranter to you are going to see me rant on things, my SelfMOCs is Riaso and Manix, My former SelfMOC is Saido Dieono.
I am crazy for Nachos i just love them it is really good.
I have been a fan of Bionicle from the very start, later on i enjoyed other things from LEGO like Exo-Force, Ninjago, galaxy squad and Hero Factory.

I do like to see some criticism of any type and like to know what I should work on and fix on my MOCs and future MOCs.

I am mostly play PC nowaday and Lego Universe was the reason I started playing on PC instead of the nightmare Xbox. So I am a Lego Universe fan.

Mature Content

Jesus the Nigger by FlacidPenis

If you want to talk to me you can contact me on Skype or Google+ but you will see me mostly on skype.
If you want to play with me on Xbox and/or PC, my Xbox live is ShadowWolfHD but you not going to be seeing me on there a lot because I mainly play PC now (plus I hate Microsoft) and my Steam and Origin is ShadowWolfHount. You will see me more on BlackLight and PayDay.

Skype and Steam: Mr. Cup of Fail

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When you buy a set that has good parts and recolors, but some printing gets in the way to you?
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I'm too lazy to remove the printing, so I find a way to use the printing to my advantage.
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Why i have this question is i got a trick up my sleeve on removing it ;) (even though i got some good uses with printed pieces)
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